Help with adjusting Rekluse EXP on my 2010

Shewwwww! I'm glad I decided not to shell $800.00 some odd dollars to get this for my 2010 model.

Sounds to me like it is a PITA to adjusted and then some.

Hope ya get it straightened out!

Shewwwww! I'm glad I decided not to shell $800.00 some odd dollars to get this for my 2010 model.

Sounds to me like it is a PITA to adjusted and then some.

Hope ya get it straightened out!

Yeah but once right it will be well worth it!

I installed the Rekluse Core EXP today on my 2010 YZ450. Everything works as advertised. I used new friction disks soaked well in fresh oil. I also soaked the EXP Friction Disk and the Lining Plate for 10 minutes as well. I was a bit confused momentarily about where to place the single Precision .040 Drive Plate in the stack but a quick re-read of the instructions and all was well understood.

*NOTE: I read an online version of the instructions that made no mention of this special drive plate!

I let the bike warm up about 5 minutes, kicked it in gear and slowly let out the clutch and viola! A quick lever adjustment and I went about the break-in. When doing the installation I made sure there was lots and lots of lever freeplay. Did the break-in on the new plates and readjusted the setup to:

(starting point plus one full turn + 2.5 tick marks)

The starting point on my Bike was right on the # 2 tick mark so final adjustment after the extra full turn was #2 + (2.5 ticks). This put me right on the money with Lever-Freeplay-Gain.

I did notice that in order to find a good seated starting point mark I had to gently turn the Dial-A-Gap adjuster back and forth a couple of times to get a true starting point. It made a 1 tick mark difference in the starting point.

I went with the medium spring setup (3 red springs and 3 blue springs). I am using the stock wedges that came in the EXP Friction Disk.

I am well pleased with this setup. This sucker does 3rd gear starts with ease. I even unknowingly started the bike a few times in gear without pulling in the clutch!! YIKES!! That'll wake you up when you blip the throttle!! Next I am going to break out the EFI mapper and put a massive amount of low-end-hit back into the bike because I can now go a gear higher through turns. I am all smiles.

Probably the key to this setup is making sure everything is installed in the right direction. While the instructions are excellent it can be extremely easy to orient something backwards I am sure. I almost did! Otherwise a trouble free installation. I hope these comments are useful to others.

Bushyhead is right; there are a few little things that you have to be very careful with getting placed in the right orientation. At first I thought that I must have misplaced one of those pieces, but I took it all apart and double-checked everything and it was all OK. I got my new set of lighter wedges from Rekluse (they sent them out to me for free) and installed them last week. Went for the first real ride yesterday and tried my best to stall it out, but was unable to do so. The lighter wedges fixed the problem for me. I am also using all blue springs and have the gap set at 1 full turn plus 3 ticks (the recommended setting). It's funny how easy it becomes to set up and install the Rekluse after spending some time on one. I think I could fully install another one in less than an hour, including getting it all adjusted. It just takes some time to understand the physics involved. Anyway, just wanted to report back that Rekluse helped me get it all sorted out and it now works perfectly.

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