Radiator Gaurds

I am thinking of adding some radiator guards to my bike. Any suggestions? I have been unable to locate any information(pictures/website) on the Devol or the works connection. I saw some from Flatlands racing at http://www.flatlandracing.com/Radiator_Guards65760.html and was wondering if anyone had ever used them. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Flatland makes them for Thumper Racing, but Thumper was cheaper???? So I gave Thumper my money.

As suggested by Air Mike, if you search for info the majority seems to think that the Flatland/Thumper guards are beefier.



97 KDX220, 86 TTR225, 99 WR400f, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC.

I would go with flatland racing. Do a search on this site and you will find all the info you need.

I would go with flatland racing. Do a search on this site and you will find all the info you need.

Just a note:

I just bought a few sets of guards from Flatland and they took care of me :D . Good folks, quick shipping, bend over backwards to get my buisness - I wish they sold alot of other stuff I needed! :)



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I should probably get a bunch of round, little yellow stickers with an X on them to put on my helmet and riding gear....I seem to crash a lot. Been using Flatlands guards for a year and still have the stock radiators. 'Nuff said? :)

I've been using Mike Shown's (Flatland owner) guards since I bought my bike new in 99. Not so much as a single fin bent on either radiator.

Could be a little bit of luck too ... :)

They are great rad. guards though.

What about Devol??? that is what I have been using and they seem to really do the deed.



I just have one question, on the instructions for these puppies (Flatland) it says something vague like "trim the shroud and reinstall". Since the outer shroud needed no trimming Im assuming they are talking grey finned shroud?

Just so I get this straight - the grey fins are voila after this yes? I don't see any way of getting em back in there but I seem to recall a pic I saw someone had them in there (somehow).


I have seen people try to fanagle them in there too. I guess they might think they add just a bit more protection, but I absolutley believe the Flatland aluminum guards are enough protection.

The stock "louver type" guards behind the aluminum guards seem to me this might be a bit restrictive to airflow.

As far as trimming the shroud, do you think they might be referring to the backside of the shroud? There are some plastic supports behind the shroud and if I remember correctly I just trimmed a bit off when I put mine on.

I didnt like any of those I could buy, so I just made my own. they do not restrict air flow and are almost not visible. plus they are only 350 grams. aaand so I keep on do not attach the radiator to the frame, as so many other guards do.

if you guys are interested I can either send you the drawings (autocad) or just send you a sample at a fair price.


Whats wrong with the Devol's....I've been using mine for two years and have had zero problems. Just cracked my first plastic shroud after atleast 100 crashes....But never a radiator problem :)


Bonzai :D

Im not knocking Devol products because I have never personally used them. But a freind of mine has and he hit me from behind while riding in Colorado and it mangled his radiator with them on.

So I guess I wasnt that impressed with theirs.

Do they have a support bar that runs behind the radiator also? I cant remember.

Yes, there is a brace that runs across the back side and bolts to the frame (See Pic). Remenber that radiator guards are meant to protect the rad from branches and limbs. They also protect against compression from the sides. I don't know of anything that will protect them from a head on collision. That might be expecting way too much. I saw a guy using Flatland Guards hit a tree head on at the Macon GNCC race a few weeks ago. I was showered in Green Anti-Freeze as a swerved to miss him. His left side radiator and shroud was completely ripped off the (Brand New) bike. Nothing on the market would have protected him from that strike. Like I said before I have slammed my bike on both sides several times without so much as a scratch on my rad's...Now bent fins from the pressure washer are a different story....


Bonzai :)

Once again, Im not knocking Devol products, but it looks like to me the brace (in your pic) running behind the radiator is made thinner than the flatland guards.

I could be wrong, and I will try to see if I can take a pic of mine tonight and post it here so we can compare, but I really would think that if you lay your bike down with any amount of force on its side, that a good beefy brace behind the radiator would help keep from bending it (the radiator).

Ill get on that tonight and post back.

I've been running the Devols and they are a quality product that does the job. I've also thought that the rear support perhaps deserves to be more substantial than it is. If I were shopping new guards I would even consider this a selling point of an alternative product (I've not seen the Flatlands, so I don't know how they compare).

That said, I have not had any radiator problems in the year that I've had them on and my bike takes a lot of abuse. In particular, my left side radiator guard is slightly distorted from a pretty hard side impact. It appears that that the radiator did not take any impact from this and also the rear guard brace did not fail. In fact, the guard just sort of buckled a little along the outside edge and the front of the guard did not distort either. Based on this, I would say that Devol has engineered a very capable product.

Heres a front and backside picture of the Flatland Guards.



Please excuse the pictures as I dont have a top notch digital camera. :)

Can you remove the gastank without removing the DEVOl RAD Guards?

Originally posted by levy1:

Can you remove the gastank without removing the DEVOl RAD Guards?

Yes. The guards basically just wrap around each radiator and use the stock radiator mounting locations at the frame. They interfere ever so slightly with the shroud mounting, but everything else is as before.

Devol, Flatland/Thumper racing radiator guards ---either are better than none. Flatland is what I use, they are top notch, durable & easy to install, no trimming.

If you do not buy either of these you will bend/smashup your radiators. :)

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