I seen it with my own eyes....

This past Sunday I rode with fellow TT'r Heeebz in our beautiful Helemano trails. You see, Heeebz just bought a WR450 and even though he is a big guy at 6'3" tall, I thought the WR450 would be a bit much for our tight trails.

We started off with a group of 11 or so riders and rode at an extremely mellow pace till around 1:00pm. We crossed a bunch of dry river beds and worked our way down into Mad Cow Trail where the group decided to take another extended break. At that point 5 of us decided to break away and hammer out some trail miles. Heeebz worked that WR450 over, under, thru and around all the obstacles with what looked to be relative ease. To top it off, he used the magic button to start the beast and I figure he was snickering watching us kick our bikes over. By the end of the day that 450 went thru more trail than any other big 4-stroke has in Helemano. By the way, Helemano is known as just plain Hel to a lot of riders!

So with my own two eyes I saw the WR450 perform like a good trail bike should. I guess it's time to step it up notch... :)

The WR450 goes throught the tight stuff very well after being set up. When the trail opens up... Well I'd like to tell you how quick my bike is, but it would sound like B.S.

Anyway the WR450 is a super bike. My 450 hasn't been perfect(2 woodruff keys),but I promise you when I update my bike it will be with a new WR450. Its overall performance for what I need, can't be beat.

P.S. I've seen the trails you guys ride, so if a new 450 did well there, thats saying something.

Torture is right the bike is amazing! :) im still getting used to this beast of a bike but every time I ride the thing I learn a little more about how use the 4 stroke to my advantage.The way the gearing is set up is perfect for my 250 pound,well ok I wont lie 265 pound budlight beer belly frame :cheers:I went up hills with ease with the stock tire,did good through river beds and the bike is just amazing in mud and water.The one thing that iam adjusting to is the weight. i know its gotta weight at least as much as me but you just cant beat that magic button!!!!!When you get stuck on a hill climb,JUS PRESS, when you get stuck in the middle of a moving stream,JUS PRESS,when you die out on a killer offcamber,JUS PRESS,and especially when your rideing buddy is kicking that upsidedown L looking thing that they call a kickstarter 20 times in a row and every swear word that he learned since the 2nd grade comes out of his mouth thats when I JUS PRESSSSSS :thumbsup:Pisses um off every time :moon:Im glad I got that bike I know I got my moneys worth :D :D :D

...when you get stuck in the middle of a moving stream,JUS PRESS...

"JUS PRESS" in the middle of a moving stream will destroy your $6K investment unless you've re-routed the breather hose. Remember the breather SUCKS while your cranking it! :)

The point is the WR450 is an awesome trail bike. It handles tight nasty rock infested climbs almost like a trials bike. This bike has amazing bottom end torque and combined with the heavier flywheel handles the nastys very easily. I never wear out my clutch hand like I did on my YZ250. Stock tires were not good you will be pleased to change them. Only draw back is us short guys cant touch the ground so we need to have better balance on the nasty slow stuff. WR450 ROCKS! :)

Thanks for the tip N7SLC that sunday morning me and torture did pull up those breather hoses and tucked them back in the air box. we went through some knee high water and it didnt die so I guess we got the right ones tucked back. :)


:):D :D :D

I figure he was snickering watching us kick our bikes over.

What is all this hubabaloo about the magic button. I have had trouble starting by bike twice since I picked it up in March of '01 and that was goofing around in the garage and flooded it. The WR has a insuperior electric starter... wether it be the battery or the starter itself compared to the DRZ and the EXC. Once they fix the problems with the starter and stumbling off the bottom end, AND I get enough miles on my bike to justify one... I will have one in my garage. I can't justify buying a button bike when my bike is 99% effective on a kick or two.

PLEASE don't get me wrong... I would love to tinker, with the help of advise, with a new WR450... Awesome trail bike.


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