2011 YZ450 Clutch problem

Please Help!

I Just bought the 450 and haven't even ridden it yet. Installed a Hinson basket and now the clutch won't disengage. Have assembled and reassembled no less than 10 times. I'm absolutely positive it's assembled correctly using owners service manual. Cable tension and feel is no different than stock ;i.e normal. Conical washer for inner hub is even installed properly.

Couldn't figure out for the life of me why the clutch wouldn't disengage, then I noticed the main bearing in the Hinson basket when pressed in by my local shop, wasn't seated completely, allowing the thrust washer to sit directly against the basket (not on the bearing), and not allowing the inner hub to spin freely once torqued to specs.

Took basket to local shop and had bearing reseated. now thrust washer rides on bearing and hub spins free. HOWEVER! Clutch still won't disengage when lever is pulled in (bike lurches into gear as if clutch lever was not pulled in), AND now I can hear chatter coming from the clutch side case!

Just for the helluvit I even went onto Hinson's website, and Yes I have the correct basket/part number! Calling them tomorrow anyway!

Is it possible the bearing is still not seated in all the way, and causing the basket to sit out of position slightly? Is this keeping the clutch from disengaging? I've read a good hours worth of old posts on here related to this and an overwhelming majority always refer to either a) notches in the basket - NO, or

:smirk: something else basically implying a worn out clutch - NO

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



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