used parts source for 426

Just picked up a 2002 yz426 (in a 2002 WR frame) from a good friend. I ride some with my 7 year old son so i need to be able to stop once and a while to help him out.

I'm looking for a source to find a stock WR kickstand assembly. There's nothing of the sorts around here but are the any large motorcycle salvage places where i might find something like this.

I guess i could lay down the cash on a promotobillet unit but don't mind stock (don't mind the stock price either).

they are hard to come by, might wanna try all of craigslist site. i would go for the pro moto ones. tuck away nice and very sturdy.

an easy site to do a craigslist search on is

Searches the entire state for craigslist ads and list them by date posted. :thumbsup:

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