Fuel Range

What kind of miles/KM is everyone getting with the WR450.

I know the WR426 I would get 120 KM.

Ernie :)

I rode 50 miles during a 2 hr hare scramble and didn't need to swith to reserve, it had to be close though.


I had to switch to reserve a few weeks back on a WR450 and I was able to get 17.5 miles. About 6 miles of that was road though.

17.5 miles I think you have a hole in your tank. :):D

Thanks for the information.


I'm getting fairly consistent fuel economy on my WR450. I'm switching to reserve at around 60-65 miles. About a third of these rides are jeep roads and fast quad trails.

60 -70 miles depending on the terrain at low altitudes. 80 miles at 10,000. feet altitude this week. :)

Indy is that before switching to reserve?? The day I had to switch to reserve and ran it dry was because I forgot to fill the tank at the start of the ride DOHHHH!!!! So I'm not sure what my total miles would have been.

Hey Endurodog,

That is total miles. I run on reserve all the time and follow my trip computer carefully.

Indy I assume from your post that your doing 60-70 miles of trail to, not much road in your trips from what I remember of your post??

Thanks man, you remain at the top of the list of WR450 resources!

70-80 miles before reserve, 80% dirt, 1000ft. to 7000ft., and I ride aggressive dirt terrian, but not too hard on the throttle. :)

I rode sweep on the Prospect (Oregon) 100 dualsport last Saturday and I was into the ride about 8 or 9 miles when I realized I had not checked my gas tank. :) I stopped at a trailhead to let the dust settle behind the other sweep and I checked my tank, Sure enough it was down about 1/4.of the way. I had 65.3 miles on my speedo when I got to my hidden gas can ( no premium in Prospect). I know I had at least 35 miles on the bike before the ride. That came to a total of 100 mile but the fastest I rode was 45 and that was dead engine down a steep road for about 4 miles. I was sweating bullets till I got to my gas can. At 65.3 I was not on reserve. You probably think thats BS, but it is the honest to God truth.


Well when i go riding i use about half a tank but my odometer says i have only gone 15-20 miles. the front wheel may have sput that much but the rear does more like 40-50

I get less than 40 miles before I have to hit reserve... that is tight technical woods with lots of climbs and full throttle abuse...

Max I could get last weekend on a strait gravel road was 151km before swiching to reserve. Then came the deep sand and I only did another 10km before my stock tank dried up completely.

I was surpried with such a big fuel range. I have all free mods, but still have the stock trottle stop.

Max I could get last weekend on a strait gravel road was 151km...

With that much road and only 3/4 throttle range, 93 miles isn't suprising. :)

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