Following new bike manuals

Have just got a 2009 from a guy had only two tank fulls ran through it i did the first oil change looked good no issues and the bike runs fine. the owner manual reading it has you check valve clearance every 5 race or as required i just ride trails no racing I keep the bike lubed and inspected but how much internal work is really required the manual has the internals inspected alot. i am 50 years old and don't ride as hard as I did in the 70s. Great website

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this bike is a yz 450 sorry

I check mine every 15-20 hours unless I reshim, in which case I'll check in a tighter interval to make sure things are ok.

thanks chad iam new to the big fours. i just thought they were not so finicky that they have to inspected so closely.i will be studing the manual to do the inspection. i have installed bark busters,rock quard,rerouted hoses,thought about smaller front sprocket also.hearing different thoughts on 13t to 12t.

I kept my front sprocket stock since I ride a lot of varied terrain, it just seemed to make sense to keep it stock. If you rode a 2004 CRF450 I would tell you to check you valves every 13 minutes but the Yamaha bikes do pretty well in regards to valve wear. I recommend getting the motion pro feeler gauges for checking the clearances, they make the job a lot easier.

I check mine every 10 hours. They have never budged. Its east enough to do. Its a perfect time to pull the body work for a good cleaning.

I ride a mix of stuff heres my intervals

oil and filter: 5-8hrs

air filter: usually every ride

check valves: every 20hrs

timing chain: every 50hrs

top end: 100 (probably wont need but I'll do it anyway)

bottom end: Inspect rod bearing during top end job and replace as necessary

(hopefully well into the hundres of hours)

Getting hour meter on my way home today and if i read write wrap the wire around sparkplug cap then i can keep up with the pm ,s Thanks

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