Gas in the oil...

I'm running a timbersled mountain horse on a 08 rmz 450.

Problem is on cold-deep snow days I end up getting gas in the oil. Can someone tell me what exactly is causing this, and some ideas on how to stop it would be helpful as well.

My bike is mostly stock, just has a dr.d pipe and a recluse clutch. Also, the air box has been getting filled with snow, I'm working on sealing it up with a combination of pre-filter material and foam. Open to ideas on sealing the air box as well, just need to maintain enough air flow.

I would like to add a water temp guage to my bike as well, I have a feeling that some of my problems are being caused by the bike running too cold. Has any one done this?

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Not sure how much help this will be, but I had the same problem on my 09 CRF 450. It was caused by an injector leaking. This is a shot in the dark, but maybe on cold days you have a small amount of water in your gas that is freezing and plugging an injector.

My oil always smells like gas. It has to do with the fact that it has 2 piston rings instead of 3. All modern short stroke 4t's have 2 pistong rings nowadays.

Should the injector leak, park the bike in such a way that all valves are closed. Back-it up in 1st into your garage until it stops on compression.

If you have a Rekluse, that probably won't work...

I don't think that an injector is leaking, I don't consistantly have gas in the oil, just rare occasions. Usually it involves cold temps and light fluffy snow.

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