WR 426 Speedo drive

Is the speedo drive on my WR 426 unique to this bike. Does it share this part with any other bike out there or does anybody know how i could find out. The nylon washer bit inside has worn out and i am struggling to get a replacement without buying the whole unit. I don't want to replace it with a Trailtech type i would like to keep it standard.


Jez ( Gloucester England ) :smirk:

i would try this web site www.yamaha-motor.com helps me all the time.

I have put a picture of the nylon wheel that has worn out on www.anybodyknow.co.uk maybe someone has seen one on another bike that is the same.

Thanks For looking and the reply so far.

Jez Glos :smirk:

I sold the one of of my 1999 wr 400 to a guy work with for his TTR 250. I works just fine.


Is there a part made to bypass the speedo hub? I've tried searching to no avail, I just must not have the right words...


Just realized your from UK, and said "Speedo", meaning your bike probably actually has a speedo, unlike mine, which just had a trip meter....making everything I originally had typed here pointless.....:thumbsup:

The 07s and up have a speedo built into the computer - I do not know if it is the same part at the wheel. I would watch ebay and ask people who are parting out bikes for that specifically -You could probably get it pretty cheap.

You want a speedo drive? By me the bypass for the speedo drive, and you can have mine off my WR400. I imagine the front axle and wheel are the same.

You want a speedo drive? By me the bypass for the speedo drive, and you can have mine off my WR400. I imagine the front axle and wheel are the same.

If you simply want to dump the trip meter, and the cable (I did and went with a hour meter), you can without a actual "bypass".

I simply tossed the cable, but kept the furled "nut" (it's not a nut, but you know what I mean) that screws onto the drive on the hub, plugged the open end (where the cable used to come through) with epoxy (careful not to get any on the threads), and screw it back on the drive. Viola, instant plug.

Tossed the sh*tty trip meter and mounted a nice little hour meter from Yamaha to the trip meter mount instead.

I use a speedometer from a Yamaha xt 350. It hooks up to the same drive that runs the trip meter,I also used the trip meter cable. I did all this on my 2003 WR 450. I put it on in 2003 when the bike was brand new and it's still on it and working fine with over 8000 miles.

As far as the eliminator goes, I think that the YZ uses the same wheel and they have a spacer instead of the speedo gear. Check with your dealer.


The yz wheel is almost the same. The WR wheel uses the speedo drive as the bearing seal and spacer, and is machined differently on that side. I will have to check to see if the YZ seal will stay in, as there is much less of a recess on the WR wheel. You could get a different bearing with a seal on it and use a YZ spacer to remove the speedo drive.

Otherwise the wheels are the same and the yz and wr spacers are interchangeable. The speedo drives appear to be the same in the parts catalog up to '06. The brake rotor changed in '03 and up, and is thicker with a larger diameter.

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Found more info


Is this what your after? if so let me know. it fit my offroad front wheel on my wr 426 2002...

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