2003 WR450F Breakin Period

I have read the manual 3 times and and it says to drop the oil after the breakin period. I am ready!!!

How many hours or miles??? :)

Change it after the first ride 20 -50 miles. then change it again 100 miles later. I change mine every 200 miles and have 3,491. dirt miles om my WR450. I am trying to get to 4,000. miles by Monday. I am on vacation riding 80 - 100 miles a day in Colorado. The altitude is kicking my ass but the WR450 has been rock steady and reliable! :)

After 1 hour or so, you will be ready to change oil if you follow the manual which I feel is the safest way to break in your bike. I would take the information on the mototune site with a grain of salt. Anyone with a website can tell you about their theory on breaking the rings in but that isn't the whole story. There are many parts that need time to wear together and it's your $6000 so I would error on the safe side. Change oil frequently at first to see how much crud you get coming out and then taper it into longer intervals once you know how the bike is responding to easy and hard riding. No one likes surprises, changing oil is cheap insurance! Just my 2 cents. :)

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