02 YZ426f Start Problem

I just got my first big bike a few days ago, I picked up a 02 YZ426f used from a shop and it is having problems starting. When I picked it up at the shop they were adjusting the valves to spec. They told me it would need a new spark plug and a carb cleaning since it has been sitting for a while. They got it running at the shop and it wouldn't idle but it started it ran. I took it home and it sat for a 2 days until some snow melted and it wouldn't start so I turned up the idle and it finally started but it was a little choppy and backfired when the rpms dropped. I rode it around my yard for a little then put it back in my garage and when I went to start it today it fires and wants to start but just won't. I would really appreciate any help to possible get it running again


Step number 1: get rid of the old gas in the tank and clean the float bowl and pilot and main jets with a good carb cleaner and compressed air.

Step number 2: Add fresh premium fuel to the tank.

Step number 3: follow the recomended starting procedure.

Step number 4 have fun and play safe

Thanks for the reply I drained the tank and cleaned carb and started and idled but I think the main problem was the idle screw was backed way out.

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