Whos 450 is their trail bike.

Im sure most of you guys are a little biased since this is the yamaha section, but how many of you guys use the 450 as a trail bike?

Im looking for a dependable, powerful trail bike. Something I can throw a plate on, and be or atleast look street legal. I know a lot of forest land and such require it to be.

Will be 90/10 offroad, if even that much on. NOT looking for a dual sport. My dr650 does fine for that. But its not a trail bike. Wasnt designed to be, not gonna try to make it one. Most of the road riding will be to/from/between trails. Maybe around the neighborhood for some hooliganism every once in a while.

Riding open jeep trails, to tight single track, hill climbs, rock gardens and just about everything in between except for dune riding. I wanna get back into trail riding as I loved it even on the old, heavy, 70's beaters we would ride. It would only get better with a good bike.

Will not be raced, mx'd, etc. Primarily transported via my tahoe to riding locations, or camping in the area, road trips for riding weekend, etc.

Who uses their bike like this, and are you happy with your 450 for it? Or should I look elsewhere?

well, you said it. yer in a Yam section so you'll get a lot of good about the WR's ect and others will say they went from this to this. but I've only riden yamaha since I was 14 years old, so i can tell you that the WR is the best hands down, Lowest maintenance bike on the trail.

if you can pretty much stay on the tight trails, a WR250 will be just fine, but once you get to that one hill climb you werent expecting on the trial you'll be cussing because you didn't have the torque of the 450.

i consider my inseem to be lees than most, so I feel top heavy all the time, I lowered my front forks about 3/8" to help compensate, awesome for the tight turns but not good for the sand and high speed desert, but I make due no matter the circumstances put in front of me.

GO WR450 and don't turn back, Unless your waitng for your buds to catch up on NON-WR's:lol:

I've got a WR400 that's plated. It rips trails, and for short stints on the road as needed it's great as well.

That all I do with mine...trail ride only....

The WR is the new "XR" only better. Maintainence of course is higher then the old XR's, but, what new/modern 4 stroke other then a CRF/TTR air cooled 230 isn't?

It's still not bad, I do oil changes every 8 to 10 hours, oil filter cleaned every second change, and check the air filter every ride (I have two, one always clean and pre oiled so I can just swap it in and go, and clean/oil the dirty one at my leisure).

Valve check every spring, and grease every spring, etc and thats pretty much it other then keeping the wear parts on it like chain, sprockets, tires and brake pads

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I've rode my 450 for 3 years now. Mostly single track, 4 wheeler paths and sometimes some no trail exploring. Works great. If your looking for a dependable ride you cant beat it. You can go fast or sit down and putt, doesnt matter. Checked the valves when I got the bike and the havent moved. Regular oil change / air filter maintainence along with the normal wear items as mentioned above. Would buy another one in heart beat if I were to replace it. My winter project is to get it street leagl here in Pa. so I can cruise to and between trails with out a hassle.

Great for trails, Baja, dual sport, rocks, whatever. Probably the best stock suspension in the business and for sure one of the most reliable. Can't go wrong. The only down side is it's a little heavy. But it has a great light, kick stand and other components.

I have a WR450 as my CA trail bike. Although I do not think it would quite be my favorite in really continuous tight tight single track.

For what you describe you would like it.

i bought my wr450 to fill the gap between my XR650L and my Sherco290 (trials bike) and it has done that very well

Mine's plated.... and I race it competitively in Western WA hare scrambles, it does not get much tighter.(The plate comes off for races). It's plated so I can legally do loops in our mountains by connecting single track with FS roads. I rarely ride it on the road and if I do it's just to hooligan around, not to commute.

i bought my wr450 to fill the gap between my XR650L and my Sherco290 (trials bike) and it has done that very well

That's cool.... I am actually thinking of trading my plated 07' WR in on a Big Red Pig AND a YZ250 2T, don't think I'll need to bridge that gap.:smirk:

Sounds like what Im looking for fellas. Id like to ride one before I actually put the cash down for one though. I havent ridden a decent powered 4 stroke like that before. I know the power delivery is gonna be a bit different than what Im used to, but Im sure Id adjust after a few rides.

Hey, I picked up a WR two years ago and love it. If you ride one, make sure it's uncorked or your impressions will be jaded. I also have two YZ250's. When I'm riding desert trails, higher speed stuff, the WR is like a hot knife cutting through butter. However, I'm torn on tighter/technical stuff. The YZ is definitely lighter and you can feel it. I'm really glad I have both. You should be able to pick up an 05/06 for around 3K. If you don't like it, sell it,

if you havent ridden on a newer four stroke your in for a pleasant surprise. the power delivery is awesome. if your used to say and x400 or such and get on one of these your gonna be grinning from ear to ear and you hands will be shkin LOL. whole lots of fun just a new learning curve to manage the power and to be able to place it when you need it.

I sold my WR250 AND my XR650L when I got the WR450... tweaked my DRZ to be my commuter, although the WR does have a plate

so; the WR is my first choice for trails and desert, and the DRZ for street and fire road... make sure you uncork the WR450, before you decide... should be a lot of difference

Well my DR650 is an 08. However, its still got the oil/air cooled old school motor. Nothing like the dual overhead cam water cooled hp makers. Weighs a ton, and only makes about 30 hp. But, its a great, bulletproof DS, and fits me well and what i do with it. Its just not a trail bike, and I dont wanna beat the sh!t otta it trying to make it one.

Of my over 20 dirt bikes my 07 wr450 is at the top of the list for trail bike.It did take a whole lot of work to make it work,But some of my bikes with work dont work.So its a great bike.

Race and trail mine with no problems. It is a great bridge bike. It allowed me to ride with my friends that are A/B racers or friends and family that are new to riding. You can ride it like a tractor or rip like a banchee. When i got serious about riding again bought a crf450R and it wouldnt allow me to ride with my son who was learing. I sold the crf and was looking for a X model. I luckily ran across an 05 wr450. I is the best bike in my opinion for trial riding and raceing. Im looking to sell my curiser and buy a street leagel Wr next. I did learn to make brackets and use a number plate for raceing. The head light and fairing cost 145 dollars to replace or get a number plate cost 22 dollars.

You guys are convincing me more and more this is the bike I need to start looking for.

Here's another option...

I REALLY dont need to be seeing that. Years ago, a local fishing/camping place added a motorcycle section to their store. They had Jeremy Mcgraths supermoto race bike in there on display. I had never seen a supermoto before, and I instantly fell in love. I thought that was just the baddest thing ever.

Honestly, if I had a motard like that, Id probably be arrested and/or/both in the hospital real quick.

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