Lowering Kit

Any one know of any lowering links for the wr450? Or leg extentions :).

Norm Kouba is working on new links for our bikes, but at last report he still has nothing on the market. Check out www.koubalink.com


I am waiting for SIDI to come out with 3" platform boots. That will really help in the nasty stuff. It may look cool like the platform shoes of the 70's. :)

Ronnie....you could try dropping your fork tubes 4-5mm in the clamps and softening your shock preload to compensate(while still keeping proper sag if at all possible.....way more important to handling than touching the ground). Dropping the fork tubes lower will, however, make your steering a bit twitchier. All depends on what you're willing to give away for some toe-touchy. Heard Devol in Enumclaw WA has a way to lower the bike without sacrificing handling...give 'em a call?

Been waiting some time for the Koubo links. :snore:hopfully will be out soon. In the meanwhile I will try softening my preload (Blue thunder thanks) Good one Indy :) THANKS EVERY ONE. :D

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