Need a new battery for the ride. Wondering what everyone thinks is the way to go out there. Thanks. G

I found your right leg to be pretty reliable :smirk:

I just have the standard battery

You've got lots of options...depends what you wanna spend. OEM Yuasa will run anywhere from $90-$150 depending on where you get it...there are a lot of generic brand gel and glassmat batteries for around $50-70 or you can spend some $$ on a Turntech lithium but you'll need the 5A model over the longrun. Some people have used the 2.5A but i don't think you'll have a lot of cranking amps in the future.

I installed a Turn-Tech 2.5 Battery. Works GREAT & weighs 0.7lbs.

I installed a Turn-Tech 2.5 Battery. Works GREAT & weighs 0.7lbs.

I love this battery.

2.5 is plenty of juice? do you run headlight?

Oops sorry, I have the 5. Haven't used the kickstart since I got it.

If mine ever dies, that is my pick. just can't keep spending.....

I installed the Shorai Power lithium iron phosphate battery and am very pleased with its price and performance. The quality of construction is far superior to the turntech.

In what way?

Thanks for all the replys. I was either going to go with the TurnTech or the Shorai. I would be interested in why lupuswins thinks the Shorai is superior.

Some background: I have both a turntech 5.0 and a shorai battery. I initially purchased the turntech (prior to the shorai being available) and was impressed with its performance as compared to the YUASA. However, what I disliked is that the turntech did not fit well in the battery box (even with some trimming) and I could not use the stock battery hold down cover. After riding with the turntech for a couple of months I noticed indentations under my seat and that the battery post terminals had a bit more play than when new. So, I purchased a shorai after seeing them at the Long Beach Cycle world bike show to give it a try. The shorai fit perfect in the battery box and I am now able to anchor the battery with the stock hold down. I have been riding with it for a few weeks and have not had a single issue. The shorai feels and appears to be constructed better than the turntech. I appreciate the "real" post terminals on the shorai as compared to the strips of metal on the turntech. Overall, I am very impressed with the shorai and will be buying them for my other toys in the future.

I forgot to add that after riding with a LiFePO4 battery, regardless of manufacturer, there is no comparison to a Pb acid battery. In fact, any Pb acid including AGM should not be considered in the same class as a LiFePO4 battery. I have no intention of ever buying another Pb acid battery for my vehicles.

did you purchase the standard duty (135 cca 6?ah) or the 230 cca 9ah battery from Shorai?

I went with a turntech 2.5 and it is great.

2.5 is plenty of juice? do you run headlight?

Yep, no problems

Shorai looks like a good bet.....anybody price one out yet? I don't need one yet because my stocker is working well, but I'm concidering a new one to shave some considerable weight:thumbsup:

FYI, the 2.5 fits perfect in the battery compartment. I use the 5.0 in my DRZ440SM & I had to mod the battery box to make it fit.

I paid $110 for the shorai (Standard Recommendation: LFX09L2-BS12) and it has performed flawlessly.

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