2010 yz450f aftermarket cams

Has anybody put hot cams or gytr cams in a stock head and aftermarket full exhaust, just wanting to know if you can feel the difference, and is worth the money

i have a set of gytr cams in box but am afraid i need to get better valve springs to handle these things? or can i put them in a stock head no mods at all?

gtyr cams /head combo run stock springs,just check valves, if in spec. ,if not change shims.Gtyr cams & crower & stock like 13.5-14/1 pistons, cams make more power than a port job,and cheaper. I,ve run ported ,not ported camed big piston . Best combo gtyr head, 14/1 piston,gtyr cams.

reason i ask is my bike came with a set of gytr cams brand new in box, can i throw those puppies straight in my stock head and go rip? no race gas needed? and i just did a top end last night on the bike, oem piston, is that a big deal to have a high comp piston?

No,It's just that the cams are mid-top ,and the 13.5-14 pistons ,fill in the low end,but make the middle a mile wide.You can run 1-2 teeth off your stock motor set-up,and still have more bottom. No race gas for cam change,13.5piston no,but likes it.I have crower ,stock,gtyr cams they are in specin the current head with the shims I have,but you should always check.

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I live s.d., we're going to marty smith's track on sat. you can ride my bike (14-1) or my buddies(13.5-1) see what you think.The big piston makes the biggest change in power.

i live in nor cal but thanks for the offer. and i think ill try the cams out one day just to see how they are. what kind of piston do u recommend?

JE or cp both excellent, 13.5 /14to1 & u4 or mr12 (mr12 very good,but pricy). pump gas +octane booster cheapest way to go.

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