To date, I have advertised in our trading post, asked 6 Yamaha Bike Dealers, been to the local Motorcross track....and STILL I cannot find one of these mufflers to buy!!!

I want to get rid of the anchor on my DubR400 2000 Model.

If there is anyone on here in Australia that has one for sale, could you please let me know... to purchase a genuine one brand new is pretty hard on the wallet.. If anyone has any suggestions or even wants to send one over from the states.. (dunno how much freight would cost?) I am looking for one in mickey mouse or very good condition.

please email me if you think you can help..

Mind you the way the Australian Dollar is at the moment it makes it expensive to buy anything in the US. :)

Thanks lads.

email: yammy@eatmydirt.com.au

or : doozy@net2000.com.au

I have a stock pipe from my 2001 yz426. Don't know about all the shipping and such..

Make me an offer and we'll see.

g'day (just playin')

eBayThumper.. I dropped you an email...

cheers mate :)

$100bucks US??? I will take care of the shipping... I sent you an email but no response...

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