Moduline Folding bed/couch

Does anyone have any experience with this set up? I am building out a 6x10 trailer for me to race out of this year and I want to come up with sleeping arrangements that are more convenient than an air mattress on the floor.

Those are real nice, and they work as described. I have one of those in my toyhauler. But they're not worth $700 (shipping incl), when a simple $40 army or sporting goods cot and a $30 self inflating mattress does the job. Plus the cots fold up even smaller. JMHO....

If the couch function isn't a priority, a cheaper route to go would be a upper bunk from a semi truck. They attach to the wall and fold flat (nearly) up against the wall and use a real mattress.

And they're designed to hold fat guys, too.

I went to the futon store and got a metal frame futon but I got one of the really nice 8 inches thick. The futon just sits on the floor and doubles as a couch. That futon with the thick matress sleeps as nice as my bed at home. Futons are not expensive and very fuctional and easly removed. If you have the room its an alternative.

I have the moduline bed couch and it works well. Had it for like 4 years now. I took the mounts off and made it so it clips into my etrack. Then I can move it or take it out if I need the room.


Its nice how little room it takes up folded.


I have two moduline beds.. While they do as advertised.. They are uncomfortable and I'm looking for better cushions or complete replacement.


I have the couch on one side, bunk beds on the other, best investment ive made!! i put a matress foam topper on the couch and sleep amazingly well. the bunk beds have a bit softer foam, but even with just a comforter on the couch its good. i went through 4 air matresses before buying the fold downs, wish i would have done it sooner.

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