always seem to miss second gear!

Ive got an 08 wr450 and bought it brand new, I have to ask has anyone noticed a problem when shifting from first to second, I often find myself missing the gear when Im really leaning into the throttle. Maybe its my size 12 boots getting in the way. Always shifts fine at normal speeds but seems like a good 25% of the time when Im tearing into it like Im racing it will free rev because I missed second, its only second though no other gear has ever done it to me. Like I said I havnt tried moving my shift lever or anything yet but thought Id ask if anyone else has had this issue... thanks in advance... :smirk:

I used to have the same problem all the time as well, but for me it was 2nd to 3rd.....and like you, only when really getting after it.

I simply stopped trying to shift so fast and hard, and had to teach myself to pay attention to foot position.

I have no idea if it is possible to "shift too hard", but interestingly enough, I also had times where my foot would just BARLY touch the shifter, and the bike would shift from 2nd to 3rd faster, and smoother then a F1 paddle shifter, and not even think about touching the clutch (it was a completely unintentional shift after all), so I find it very hard to believe that there is a tranny "problem" causing me to miss 3rd when i try too hard. I think the issue was me, and "trying to hard"

I would simply try to become more concious of your foot, and the "shifting process" for awhile, until it becomes more natural, and you could always try a nice easy (no high rev's, and no high loads) upshift without the clutch even just to see if it still does it.

I'm pretty sure these bikes are designed to handle some clutchless gear changes, and if not, someone will correct

Shift lever set too high ?!?!

correct me if I am wrong but I believe the shift lever has to return to a "neutral" position after a shift so it is able to sort of reset for the next shift right? I was thinking maybe my big boot was keeping the shifter from returning where it should and therefore putting me between gears or something. Thanks canadian Ill try to be more aware of foot position, and if that dont work Ill try what wrdave says and move the shifter. I know theres nothing wrong with the bike, therefore it must be the rider... thanks guys...

The neutral position you speak of is there, but you said it was a 1st to 2nd shift so that shouldn't be an issue as you would have to let go of the shifter to move from the top of it to the bottom of it. If you have size 12's, you may want to look at the Hammerhead designs shifter tip extensions and levers. Good Luck -- WR Dave

Most of my friends with 12 or larger boots go straight for the longer lever and move it up a notch or two. Mostly just one.

Most of my friends with 12 or larger boots go straight for the longer lever and move it up a notch or two. Mostly just one.

I already do this for my bike and I'm only rocking size 10.5 boots. The stock one is made for small little japaneese kids in kung-fu flip flops.

think Im gonna move that lever and see what happens, thanks guys..

I had the same problem and couldnt get adjustments to work on the lever. Im sure it is rider error, but it was happening in races and i couldnt have it happen. I regeared my bike out of first gear. I only go down to 2nd now for raceing.

I tried to focus on shifting and it has gotten better... think Im gonna try the longer shifter next...thanks guys

This came up once last season while out on a ride with some freinds. It apppears to be a common problem accross all of us. Some more often than others. We all ride different makes of bikes too.

We think it's just from not taking the time to move the shifter all the way up. It feels to me like it has to go further for the change from one down to up, up, up, etc. I think it's like you are moving to neutral. So you have to move through Neutral all the way to Second.

Best fix for us is to just make sure you move all the way up. Sure is bad when you are getting in to it and all you get is a more noise but no go!

With my WR though I don't ride too much in first anymore. Just get going in first then right to second. Use the clutch to rev it up instead of down shift.

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