Heat wrap? Ceramic coating?....

performance. Hot gasses flow faster.


Thanks Fersh,

Next question(s):which is better/where do I find it?


Be careful with that stuff. We all know how hot the header gets. I just put some Thorley headers on an old chev. truck and the manufacturer said the warranty would be void if you wrap their headers. They are a lot thicker than the header on our bikes. I guess the wrap contains the heat and will deteriorate the steel faster in addition to corrotion problems.

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The way it was explained to me is that the ceramic coating helps pull the heat thru the pipe and lets the pipe run a bit cooler. My guess is that as hot as the headpipe gets, a couple of degrees really won't make that much of a difference.

Both the Stroker and Big Gun pipes I have are coated. I can let the bike run at idle for several minutes and never get the glow. I can only guess that the coating works since they don't glow.

Fershy is right, hot gases do flow faster. I don't know how hot the exhaust gets while we ride these bikes but I'm sure it is hot enough to flow fine. Unless you are a pro caliber rider, we would never even notice any difference caused by a few degrees of exhaust temperature.

I'm sure your pipe and muffler combo are fine.!!

Enjoy, yzernie

Okay, I've seen a few versions of this Heat wrap and ceramic coating on the head pipe and I've heard as many explanations. I know how hot the head pipe gets, so is it for rider comfort, ponys, or more after-market commerce?

I'm running WB header and E pipe on a 99 yz.

Straight scoop?


Lez Ride!


Heed the header makers warning if they warn not to wrap. I had a truck which I put headers on and decided to wrap them to keep the under the hood temp down (did a darn nice job too :D ). After a few months of usage I was driving one night about 70mph on the highway when I heard an exhaust leak sound. I pulled over and poped the hood only to see the collector glowing bright enough to light the engine compartment (it was at night) right through the wrap. I drove home really slowly and the next morning I unwrapped the headers to see what happened. They aparently got so hot and close to being melted that the presure inside blew them up like a baloon right before the collector and one of the bubbles burst causing a leak. :) The metal was so brittle that you could break it off by poking it with your finger. I'll read the instructions for the headers before I wrap again.

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i've used header wrap since yz thumpers first came out (i've had three of 'em), and the only problem i found is that it doesn't last well at all. this is especially true off road. my main reason for running it was to keep from burning my pants leg when i turn left. i now have a new solution to that problem, which you can see at:



will pattison

racer, engineer


Thanx for the info guys. Probably true, that I wouldn't much notice the minimal performance gain. But the ceramic coating looked cool (literally) and after yesterday's ride (with some GNCC heros)I think Hydraulic clutch just moved WAY up on the priority list.


Lez Ride!


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