One for you electrically minded people (those who rewound stators)

Hello all,

I don’t know a lot of the physics involved with electricity so forgive me if this is elementary. I rewound my stator from directions I found on the web along time back and I was successful I guess (it still runs!). I do remember being warned against the possibility of too much power messing up my Rectifier or Regulator? Am I on the right track?

What can I do to protect from this? Put a fuse somewhere?

Anyway, I have NOT measured the output on it because I didn’t have a multi-meter handy at the time I just know I followed the directions as closely as I could and I got the Baja Designs lighting improvement kit with new housing and bulb (85w or 100w) and it is much brighter and doesn’t dim at idle like the stock 35w bulb did and it has been working fine for a while now!

Before I go farther I can check it now with a meter. What do I need to check, resistance, watts, volts, amps, (don’t know any other electrical terms)? And what should they be in the range of to be safe? I'd hate it if my own mod stranded me!

But mainly what I was wondering was I know too much power can blow something like a fuse or circuit breaker but what could happen if I step up the bulb too much to put a too big of drain on it. Would that mean it just didn't work to its full potential or could it harm something? (I just saw that baja designs had a 130w bulb now, bigger is better right?)

I was also thinking (still thinking stage!) of modifying the rear light to be LED like I have seen just for kicks and for something to do and I know they don’t require as much juice so they are resisted down. Would that mean more available power for other places and again could that be harmful to other parts? if they start getting too much power?

Feel free to go into as much detail and terms as you need because I want to learn and not to just do it if that is possible! ;-)

Thanks for helping me!


J T,

You should join this group and do a search on stator rewinds.

Edit: Just saw your same post on the Yahoo group, so all you have to do is search. :)

The posts contain the specific information you are looking for (details on various approaches, results, terms, theory, and some very heady [go back to the books] stuff).

This will give you much more than I can with a single post.

Two quick answers:

1) I added an in-line fuse (15A) between the stator and a Baja Designs regulator/rectifier (I replaced the stock regulator)

2) A halogen bulb with a higher rating (100W vs 35W) does not increase the power output of the stator. The higher rated bulb will not be used to its full potential if the stator output is the limiting factor. If you increase the stator output and an insufficient load is present the regulator (or regulator/rectifier) can be destroyed. I have a 4700 microfarad capacitor as an ever-present load which protects the regulator/rectifier in case the always-on headlight is not working for one reason or another. Been running this setup (with 100W H3 bulb) for over almost two years and all is good.

Thanks Needsprayer!

I made a search and ran across a link to This is a fellow named Craig who's bio says is an IT professional who studied Electrical Engineering. He also has a BRP and has dual sported it and has some very detailed, extensive, and informative articles on the XR650R from modifying to tips. It also has a lot on electrical system of the XR650R including rewinding the stator and stator output! It helped me so I thought I'd pass it on.


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