mtb. bar ends as hand guards

i thought you guys might like this one.

i was out riding one morning and hooked up with three fast guys and rode with them for awhile.

during one of our breaks i notice one of the guys on a crf was running OEM honda hand guards with mountain bike bar ends on the ends of his handlebars.

he said he had them laying around his garage and he started eyeing them. like me, he likes to stick with the oem hand guards since the are simple and provide enough protection in dez and chaparral riding environments.

however, he wanted something to protect his levers and provide lateral support to the guards and keep them from getting knocked back which they have a tendancy to do.

he said they work great but do look a little strage.

the ones he was running where straight "control stick" type bar ends for those of you who are mtbers. i don't think the curved style would work...

That would be a great hook to grab them sapplings and toss you on your arsh. Probably would work for the non-forest folk. I bought the Acerbis rally-pro guards and have had to bang on them with a hammer a time or two. Better than mangled Pro-tapers.

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