Shock spring for big guys

What do you bigger guys run for shock spring rates on your WRs? I weigh 230 without gear and the race tech page says I need a 5.8. The local suspension guy said 6.2 or 6.4 over the phone - off the top of his head? I have a 5.6 now, will I see much change going to a 5.8 (I have a lead on a used one)?

I can't remember my sag numbers. I am thinking 15/105 with the overtightened 5.6.

Thanks for the info.

I just put in a 6.0 mm/Kg spring in my '09 WR450. I'm a little short in the inseam @ 5' 11"...With gear I'm 240lb, and the 6.0 seems perfect.

It's from RaceTech, and seems to have a really good progresive rate. I can now dial in my sag properly and it didn't change the seat height.:smirk:

I am 230 lbs and run a Racetech 6.4 no problem

I'm about 235 and I'm also using a 6.4 Racetech spring.

Remember to change the front springs if you change the back.

I'm in the same area and looking to overhaul my suspension a bit more to get myself sorted for baseline stuff.

6.4 or 6.2 sounds solid for spring rate REAR

What are you guys doing for the front springs?

What are you guys doing for the front springs?
I'm using MX Tech .50 fork springs....

If you are 230lbs wo gear youo need the 6.3 for the rear and 0.50s for the front. You'll also need to go in about 5 clicks on the LS comp. damping front and rear and a couple on the rebound on the shock.


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