10' Yz450F Fuel in the oil?

sorry for my confusion lets see what the oil results have to say


Was wondering if you had sent out your oil yet?? If not I was wondering how much it costs? Thinking of sending in a sample too.


Not sure on the price, but you pay when you want to see the results. Can't be more than 40$ I would think, either way I'm gonna pay.

I haven't sent it out yet, I went riding for about 3-4 hours on Sunday with my brother in the badlands. Really tight stuff, engine was running at a constant 80-90 degree's celcius and I tried to make the runs about 20 minutes or longer at these temps. I fell a few times, we took a couple little 3 minute breaks, not to sure if that's going to obscure the results as the engine was still very hot before every start.

Anyways, going to go out again this weekend, I'll remember to bring the bottle as the bike is due for a change of oil now. I'll take it for a 20 minute boot and when I come back to the staging area I'll drain, and catch half of the drain in the bottle and send it out asap.

Be patient guys this is happening, work, money and life gets in the way sometimes to slow things down, but I will send this out within the next week or two at the most.

I just made an account to see if anyone ever figured out why this occurs. I have a 2012 yz450f with around 35hrs on it and just noticed this today and found this forum on a google search. It also seemed like I got a lot more oil out of the bike than normal when I drained it. I live in WV and it hasn't gotten that cold here yet and the oil I drained probably had 8hrs on it approximately. I also run Rotella oil. Any information would be appreciated.



If your ending up with fuel washing out your engine oil in summer operating temps it has to either be on startup attempts when it's not being burnt or injector leakdown after shutoff. If there was that much fuel during engine running that it ends up in oil, the bike should run terrible or at least smoke. Had an 06 yz450f carbureted jetted very fat, even a hint of black smoke, oil never smelt of gas or washed out. Just bought a 2014 and the oil is washed out after less than an hour and smells more like gas than oil noticed it immediately on two back to back 1hr interval oil changes. I'm diving into the throttle body/injector it's the only logical answer for my conditions. You cold weather snow bike guys can completely understand why your having these problem. Air fuel mixture is just too damn cold.

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