I took the bike for a run around the neighborhood after rejetting and smelled something burning when I got back - I did not strap the vent hose (black one the runs by the rear shock) well enough away from the exhaust and it melted. :smirk:

Anyone know if this is a standard hose I could pick up at an auto parts store? I'd hate to pay a ridiculous OEM price (though I can not find it on the parts diagrams). It looks like it is about a quarter inch and when I get home I could grab a piece and take it to the auto shop, but figured I'd see if anyone knows off the top of their head and I could pick it up on the way home and get to fixin.

Also - if anyone know what this hose is for...

any 1/4" vinyl tubing from the auto store will be fine

Schweet!!! Thanks dude!

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