N-Style lousy graphics glue

I put some N-style graphics on my YZF and they peel off every night, have done so now for a week. Every morning I press them back on. I have not ridden the bike yet because I know they will be history once I get them dirty. I did all the standard stuff I always do; drain the tank, leave off the gas cap, clean the tank and shrouds several times with alcohol, and spray the plastic with 50/50 distilled water/alcohol before applying. I have always used One graphics before and they stuck great. This problem must be the graphics glue because the graphics are peeling off the Acerbis shrouds as well as the Yamaha tank. Have you ever had this problem? I am thinking of trying to apply heat with a blowdryer. Do you know if there is a spray-on glue I can use?

Mike, call N-Style and tell them about it. I had a similar problem and they sent new graphics to me.

They are very good about customer service!

I had the same problem with my One Industries graphics.

The solution of my problem was heat!

I heated them up to bend easier and they stuck!!! :)

Hope this helps!!!

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