Input for a XR600

Well, I think I have my mind set on getting a used XR600. I don't know what year yet, probably the newest one I can find for about $1400. I'll be riding it in the tight woods. What mods would be the best to get, anything I should be aware of, how would a big rider feel on one (I'm 6'4" 265lbs) Please, any comments would be helpful. Thanks in advance. :)

When I had mine I put on a pipe and jetted it. If your buying a used bike it will most likely have all the main mods. If your going to ride in the woods you can go with a 13 tooth front sprocket and run octang booster. That gives the air cooled bikes an extra push and keep the pinging down when it runs hot like they do.

The best thing I ever did to my 95 600 was the suspension, I could not believe how smooth the bike rode after getting it done. I had an insert in the stock pipe that worked pretty good and was fairly quiet, I later got a supertrap that gave it a little more performance but it was noisy, then I got an FMF Power Core IV that performed even better and may have been slightly quieter than the supertrap. If its stock remove the bars and air box lid. Can't say much about how you would feel on a 600, I am 200 lbs. and the bike was a little bulky in real tight areas and when I had to pick it up, other than that it was a good ride, sometimes I miss mine even though I now have the XR650. Also I notice that a clean newer 600 seems to hold its value where I live.

What did you do to your suspension Dave? Did you get it re-worked or a whole new system?

Also...what is the tire size? Thanks

I took the bike to Baja Designs and they set the suspension up for my weight and the type of riding I like, desert. They put in new springs front and rear and I believe they did valving, plus new oil and seals. We later set the correct sag and then I adjusted the clickers to my preference.

You asked about the tire size, I think it was a 110-18, my friend had an old 600 with a 17inch (I think it was a 17, I know it was smaller than my tire) rear rim and his bike got him in trouble (crashes) many times because he would try to run with us but it seems like his bike just didn't handle as well, I wouldn't go with a 600 older than 1991, don't remember their changes but I believe 1991 and newer are all pretty much the same.

As mentioned get a 91 or newer - it's virtually the same bike as the 2000. Rear tire size is 110/100-18 so you have plenty of selection. Lose the airbox lid and get a free flowing filter like a Uni or No Toil then jet that puppy properly! It makes a big difference in the performance and operating temperature of the bike. The bike hides its weight well in all but the tightest singletrack and will chug over through and across just about anything. Here's some good buying tips : XR600 buying and maintenance tips Here's the specifications: XR600 Specifications Stock exhaust is quiet (I ride some multiple use trails) and makes plenty of power for me. Inserts are available from Baja Designs and White Brothers for reasonable cost and of course the sky's the limit when it comes to full or partial aftermarket exhausts. I'm not sure if my bike has aftermarket springs or not but I 'm running the oil at near minimum levels and the forks don't sag much under my weight and I'm pretty happy. Good luck.

Thanks helps a lot. I'll look for a newer model now too.

I only ran 140-80x18 Michelin S-12 or Baja on mine.

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