head pipe

I was riding this week and dented my head pipe :) and I was wondering if anyone had a used one they would sell me

Use a weld-on type auto body dent puller stick, apply at the center of the dent(or multiples if the dent is spread out, heat area with torch until red hot(or just let it idle for awhile if it's on the radius exiting the head... :D), and use a slide hammer to pull out the dent. Works real well if you take your time :).

The guy at my local gear and suspension shop uses a torch and compressed air to take out dings/dents.

I haven't watched him do it, but a big dowel or rubber plug shoved in the collector end and a plate on the header end would be one way to seal up the pipe. Drill the plate and stick a valve stem in there, heat the ding, pressurize the pipe and, as zey say en France, Voilà!

That way you don't risk burning hole in your header.

That is what I would try first, if I didn't have somebody else to go to...

What Hick said. That method works very well. My dad has had to do it to his pipe a couple of times and so have our friends. Like he said Voila and its out. :)

Just make sure those plugs are really SECURE. You air it up and they let go and whoever's facing the "nasty" end is deep in the hurt locker! I've used this method before with great results but be careful. :)

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