BK...where were you and Tim??


You guys are rippin' this year!!!

I was at Sunrise helping Andy with the track a couple of weeks ago when the other guys were there. You and Tim were not there with the 426. Where were you?? They said you guys were testing at a different place but Sunrise is pretty close to to YMC.

I was hoping that you were going to be there cause I had a couple of questions about the 426. I realize that my bike and your bike are VERY different but...!!! I was able to obtain answers to my questions from the head dude.

Happy to see you and Tim are doing well this year. Keep up the good work!!



Sorry we missed you at sunrise! Timmy lives in Florida and he hasn't been doing any testing lately. He practices at his house on his track daily though. We will be testing there next month though getting ready for the nationals.

email me with your questions and I will try to answer them asap.


Yamaha Factory Race Team


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