04 WR450 Rear Brake Rotor

I am need a new rear brake rotor and have a few questions. I have looked all all the ones out there and the price can be $50 to $200. Now I don't think I neccessarily need a super rotor, I don't want to purchased one and have to replace it 3 months from now.

I see ones on Ebay that have a cool looking design but are not a brand I see anywhere else but ebay which doesn't give me a good feeling.

Is there a material that is better then others?

What caused your last one to fail? Did you bend it, or wear it out? If you wore it out, you might want to look into a solid rear rotor. On the other hand, if you bent it, then you can go with any number of options. Just make sure to purchase a disc guard, so you don't bend the new one. Maniac

It was just a little bent, but if you had the wheel up and you spun it while you were looking at the pads you'd see when it got to the bent part and the tire wouldn't spin as easy through that part.

I went with an Outlaw rotor so hopefully that will be good. I guess anything is better then a bent one.

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