Anyone try both? Went to the biggest moto store i could and they didnt have either in stock dammit.

Looks like im buying online and wont get to try on. From the threads i read on this site people like the THOR Force. Mxa magazine gave a good review for the FOX Titan. Im torn help me out fellas!!!!

Around 6' 175lbs normal build...thinkin the large will work for either choice. Unless someone have advice otherwise.

Thanks for any advice!!

Got a pair of Fox titan pro's for x-mas. Had to send them back. The buckles were cheap, they fit like crap, as soon as you try to kneel down or pick your leg up to kick the bike over the straps will move on the buckle and slide to one side. The padding on the inside lapped over it itself and as soon as you moved it would come out and bind up. For what it's worth I've worn fox year for years and the past 2 or 3 I've noticed it's not been holding up. I also send all my new 2011 fox gear back and bought fly.

I have been using the thors for about a year and I like them. The straps have never come loose but the velcro wrap will rub/wear on the back of the knee if not properly fitted. Just be sure not to wrap the velcro too tight. Im 6'1" 230lbs and wear an xl. They fit over the pants and into the top of the boots nicely.

so far lookin thor...wish i had more time to research. love forums like this hoping to learn from others.

anyone else got current advice?

Love the Thor guards, by far the best for the money that I've had experience with.

Been using the Thors on snow and dirt for a few years now... worth the money.

I run the thor's, a knee pad sock is a must though! Mine lasted almost a year until I hit a dumby who decided to cross the track without looking while I was tapped across some whoops. I T-boned him and flew over the bars and one of the straps on the knee guard broke pulled out. Luckily parts unlimited hooked me up with just the right one for half price.

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diggin it fellas!!

hey have they changed at all through the years? I see some 09 models on ebay. Rather pay extra 30 bucks if they made worth while changes...

sorry for the necro, but i feel this is important:

for what it's worth, i have the Thor guards and am looking to switch to the Fox guards. the Thor guards kill my legs; i had to go see a doc because of the velcro "wrap" fastening system they have. i ended up with "contact dermatitis" and itching and scratching my legs to the point they bled. quite literally. i broke my wrist early January (9th) so my legs have healed up since I haven't been riding.

Oh, another point: the Thor guards have a dual hinge system. Neat! or so you think: the bolts used for that extend out the side and have ruined two pairs of pants: one Thor, one Fox. not cheap pants, either. Wore through the leather grip patches, and, consequently, destroyed my graphics.

Things to consider!

In case others read this ill give my own review.

Like said before a knee sock is a must. Im liking the Fox ones.....just a big ass sock goes way past the knee. IF you feel gay try banging the lady in them. No joke.

The hinges are intrusive and if i didnt already have holes in my pants at the knee section i see ones coming soon.

The knee pad felt very big and fat compared to previous Fox Raptors (discontinued cheezy $25 dual hinge pad)

Its now been a couple track days and a hand full of glamis weekends. Im liking the knee pads and would def recommend them. Cant wear them on bare skin. I had to stuff a sock back behind my knee for the first 2 camping trips.

When i buy new riding pants ill figure out a solution to the hinge rubbing a hole problem. Off the top of my head i see myself going into a craft store and looking for some type of fabric with a sticky back.

cvs sells mole skin, sticky back soft fabric

I was searching for replacement buckles for the Titans when routed here - lost 2 first time we used them! guess duct tape is required. For years I have used Casco/USA Sportoped Shin Guards from Sweden - they fit inside the pants and boot and include ankle guard (have pin in my ankle) - they stay in place, are comfortable, no buckles, etc - would love to find a new set but all I find is soccer ones or the site is in Swedish ;-)

Been wearing the Thor Force's for a year now and love them! To stop the irratation on the back of my leg I just bought some evs knee brace socks. The only problem I have had with them is that the hinges are really hard and like to rip up radiator shroud graphics.

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