04 YZ450F Oil Question - Odd Question

A friend dropped off his YZ450F and said it's popping a bit. I'm like no problem we can look at the carb and see if it's set okay, see if the fuel is okay etc, etc... then he said something that made me scratch my head.

He said "That's when I parked in 6 months ago. I can't remember if there is oil in it now or not! I put a clutch in it and can't remember if I filled it back up afterwards or not"

So it hit me, I can't crank it and warm it up to check the oil... I guess all I can do is "drain the oil to see if there is oil in there, and then replace it?

I can't think of any other way to double check it safely - to see if it has enough oil in it. Any suggestions or is there something simple I'm missing?

LOL feel kinda silly because I hate to drain fresh oil if it's in there, but I can't think of how to check it either...


Pull the tank drain just slightly and see if oil gushes out quickly put it back fire up and top off. No biggy.

Even if it was full of oil, I would drain it and start fresh... just to get the condensation of out there.

X2. Just replace the oil to get the condensation out of there.

Some popping on deceleration is normal.

An '04 would have drained the entire tank into the sump by now. Pulling the tank drain won't show anything. But if you remove the fill cap, you can dip it with a piece of wire. It should be up to somewhere around the center plug on the flywheel cover.

The popping is probably due to a varnished pilot jet. The advise to change the oil is worth following.

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