I own a 03 WR450F. Got rid of all stock governors and upgraded to a GYT-R titanium header and exhaust. The bike is pretty darn fast. However, being addicted to speed and power, I'm considering the YZF timing. Will it make a BIG difference overall? What can I expect to gain/loose? Would very much appreciate your opinions, Thanks to all! :)

I am looking to do the same thing, will the YZ 450 cams work for the WR, and what will it do for the performance ? Anybody want to answer this one ? :)

you will loose bottem end if you yz time it.

you wil need to buy the YZ exaust cam and retard the stock wr cam one tooth.

You can not retard the WR450 cam like the 426 and 400 due to the auto decompression feature. New cam is about $160. :)

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