99' WR 400- first time owner

Hi guys,

New to the site.

I just bought my first ever bike and would like any tips you guys could give me. As title suggests, I bought a 99' WR 400 that has done 6000km. What should a look to get done before I take it to the local pine forrest? (after getting it registered)

Any help would be appreciated.



Read the FAQs and noobie guide. It will tell you everything the new owner will need to know and keep you busy for a while.

Dave, Like already mentioned, read the FAQ's & Noobie guide. That'll point you in the right direction. One of the first things I would check would be the valve clearance. This has to be done with the engine cold, and I highly recommend you do this before your first ride! You don't want troubles with your brand-new-to-you bike!!! Maniac

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