Coolant leak...

Well Ive got my bike finally put back together and she runs sweet, but there is a leak at the top front part of the cylinder head, that 90 degree bend pipe that connects and goes to the left radiator. The head was totally bare when I bought it so I had to use the pipe from my old head. There is a little rubber gasket that is on it, problem might be is that the 05 might have used a little bigger gasket to seal the gap but im not sure anyone have any input on what to do if the gasket doesn't stop the leak? As I am planning to go riding down at the knolls in the utah desert on tuesday, i have all monday to fix it.

Thanks for your help. B):smirk:

Replace the oring, make sure the pipe is not damaged too.

I hate that little pipe.

Just realized I posted in the WR forum

Same difference. Want the thread moved to the YS forum, ask.

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