Swingarm wear?

My low hour 09 yz450f swingarm has a fair amount of wear where the rear brake caliper slides onto the swingarm. Is this a common issue? How can i prevent this from wearing so fast?

I own a 09 too,i cannot think of why you would have any wear at all there!Do you have a picture to show us?I will tell you this you need to grease all your linkage and swingarm yearly,the factory does not believe in grease!!!!


If i am seeing right that is where your brake slides back and forth when your suspension is compressed.I went and looked at my 09 which has about 5 or 6 hundred hours on it and it looks brand new.Does your brake move freely thru the grooves?

It slides smoothly without the axle torqued down. The only thing i can think of is at one point dirt got into that area.

So has anyone else seen this kind of wear?

There's no reason for there to be any motion along that slide except while the wheel is being installed or the chain adjusted. Once the axle is tightened, the caliper mount should be anchored in place.

Looks like it's been ridden with a loose wheel

Looks like it's been ridden with a loose wheel

I think thats what happened cause upon further inspection i noticed one of the axle blocks looks like it took a beating from one of the adjusting bolts.

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