I hope all you Southern folks are getting some riding in...

I'm not.....

Our wonderful Canadian winters.....

Current Weather Updated: Mon, Jan. 24, 2011, 6:00 AST

-24°C (-11°F)


Feels Like: -38°C (-36°F)

yup been riding every weekend since I bought the bike!

it's not warm here by any means, but this has kept me from my normal winter depression in which I can't ride my street bikes.

here's a video from saturday, during a 50 degreee F afternoon just a few days after a snow fall :thumbsup:

nothing bud mid-40's to mid-50's and sun for the next 10 days on the forecase too - maybe i'll skip out on work a little :lol:

awesome vid, but that is a hell of a lot better then the 5 feet of snow, and minus 38 degree weather I'm dealing with....lol

Just got back from an 85F supermoto track day...track temp was so hot I melted my soft and super soft slicks. Not supposed to be this warm in Jan...nont even in So Cal.

Sounds like it's time for you to break out the snowmobile.

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