Heavyweight Suspension Tips.

Alright guys, I need some help with suspension set up.(who doesn't)I weigh 225 with gear. I ride 50/50 trail/track. I ride a 2000 426. Race Tech tells me I don't need springs, just a gold valve kit. Factory Connection tells me "screw the valve kit, you need springs". What do you guys run? How do you like it? Right now my bike is totally stock.

I way 225 without gear and my bike is set up great. I ride 50/50 like you but am pretty aggressive and usually not to worried about hitting the big jumps. On the rear of the bike I just set the sag and played with the clickers a little and am very pleased. I should get a stiffer spring according to the sag measurements and what the book says but I'm happy with it the way it is. For the forks I had Precision Concepts in El Cajon, Ca. go through them and put in stiffer race tech springs. I'm very happy with their performance. The just read the spring rate chart for the forks and put those in. No screwing with the valves or anything and I'm very pleased. If you need more detail let me know but Basically I just adjusted the rear properly and went with stiffer springs in the forks and now I'm very confident with the bike.



When in doubt, GAS IT!


It really depends on the type of riding that you do and how you want the bike to handle.

The suspension category of "SuperCross” rider is usually considered the most aggressive since it involves big jumps and high speeds. However, so does my idea of trail riding.

In other words, when you speak with these guys, be very specific about what you do and consider what you think you'll be doing later on (since we usually don't get slower with time).

I would trust Factory Connection over Race Tech, or call Scott (or was it Steve?) at White Brothers and see what they recommend. Smart group.

The other thing, is that sometimes it's just trial and error. Or it's different springs and setting for different conditions.

Lastly, and talk to the shops about this, if you change the rate on the front you will most likely have to change the rate on the back. If not the bike feels out of balance.

And are you the dude in the Bay Area? If so, perhaps we should hit the trails or track one of these days and you can take my beast for a spin and see if you like a more aggressive setting.



Amador , I to weigh very close to 220lbs w/ gear. What you are embarking on is different for all riders of all riding ability. I have had to modify 99', 2000' & 2001' 400/426 w/ this set up for track riding only.

I replace front springs with .47's 2000 comes w/ .46's - this will not be too stiff for 50/50 track-trails.(Racetech or Eabach has the springs) 60-80$

I set Oil level height at 100mm range - For trails start with 120-130mm.(130mm is stock) (this is a personal preference - try other ranges if you so deem)I use Silkolean or BelRay H1R 5w - Yamaha 01 is ok(you will need close to a qt.)

Rear- is fine for 50/50 Track/Trails - increase compression 2/3 clicks from stock. Start w. 2 clicks. This should get you started. Look under rear fender for tire marks. More rubber means more compression - although some marks are normal. For 100% track riding try 5.6-5.8 rear spring for the 2000. For more "dialed in" valving. I have had good luck w/ MXTECH or ENZO, find a suspension tuner in your area - opinions will vary. Try lower spring/oil height 120 to 130mm, you can add 10cc increments to each fork to get the right level for you. Record your findings. Usually you can dial in pretty good yourself. Very Important: Remember to remove & clean Compression valve w/14mm allenhead socket,if you op for the spring/oil option or to change to clean oil for 2 reasons:

1. Oil & sludge & metal is contained w/o the removal of it - you will contaminate your new oil.

2. You can check valve shims for damage or replacement.

A "Great Tuner" in the Southeast for assist:


Hope this helps........

Thanks for your help guys.


I'm here in Concord. I usually ride twice a week. Once at Club Moto on Tues. night and once at Carnegie on Sat. Except for this weekend I'm heading for Stoneyford! Where are you from? Where do you usually ride?



I'm down in the South Bay. Ride mostly Hollister although I did Club Moto and Hangtown a few times last year. Havn't been back to the track since I snapped the leg.

In comparison, there are plenty of riders out there that are a lot faster than I am, however, I still move along at a fairly good clip. I'm 165 to 170lbs and I can tell it's time to step up to a .47 and 5.6. Just ordered them today.

With your weight it really makes sense unless you want something soft. It also depends on what you're doing with the rest of the suspension.

Oh well.

Let me know if you want to hook up for ride one of these days.


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