Calling all Michigan ridders

As some of you may or may know the trail near Blue Lake Michigan, just north of Muskegon, has been closed for over a year now for a variety of reasons.

1. The trail is run through private property.

2. There is too much trail per square mile.

3. They are trying to eliminate a paved street section.

4. There is supposedly “Endangered Butterfly’s” in the area that need protecting.

Whatever the reason may be the trail is still closed. This is a really nice motorcycle only single track trail. It is very tight and about 35miles long. Last year they had a plan for re-routing this trail. It was supposed to be started and completed this spring. Well spring has come and gone and the trail is still closed.

The Forest Service officer that used to be in charge is Chad Hudson. I am told that he is no longer on this project for whatever reason.

Now a lady by the name of Kathy Bietau is in charge of the trail re-routing. This change in project management may be the reason for the delay in the re-opening in this project. But that is there problem not ours.

Could you Michiganders, and others if you like, would send Kathy an e-mail or call her, and POLITELY badger her about when this trail will be re-opened.

If you can/want ask if you can volunteer your time to help re-layout the trail. I did.

Her e-mail address is

Her phone number is

(231) 745-4631

Thanks for your help.

Don aka YZMAN400

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