extra bar clamps,longer bolts?

I've seen posts about raising the bars by turning the upper bar clamps over, getting a second set and some longer bolts. I like the idea, but where do I get longer bolts and just the upper clamp set?


'01 426 with yz stop and baffle removed. No other mods yet.


I got mine at a local hardware store that has an extensive selection of metric fasteners. If my recollection is correct, I bought 50 mm, flanged, shouldered bolts. If you get them too long, you'll have to cut them down to size. The only thing I don't like about them is that they take a 13 mm wrench. I salvaged the upper clamps from a triple clamp I took off an XR250. A cycle salvage yard should have something like that.

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I was thinking about this today.... as I need to lower my front end to match the amount I lowered the rear (just to reach the floor)..... did a motocross meet today and the bike handled badly through loose dirt... I was having a pig of a time. I put it down to the difference it's made to the rake angle.

A guy at the meet had pro taper bars fitted to the standard yoke, there was a spacer which had a cemi circle machined into it so as it mated perfectly with the standard yoke clamp, and the larger dia for the pro tapers was machined into the spacer further up. I was wonering if spacers like this were available for standard bar dia.... would allow me to drop the forks just that bit more to suit the rear...... Anybody??

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