2010 YZ450 axleblocks

Just bought this and noticed several of you are changing the axlebloc ks. Are the stock that bad? Are Hammerhead a good block? Also since many stated the chain sucks are you using DID gold and a case saver? Suffered a cracked case on an 08 RMZ250 and don't want to go through that again. Thanks

I use Regina ORN6 sealed chains. I get extremely good service from them.

As to the axle blocks, there is nothing wrong with the stock ones other than the fact that the marks are farther apart than some aftermarket blocks and they aren't as pretty. The left one has a raised ledge on the front to keep the axle from rotating, which makes it necessary to count from back to front when aligning the wheel.

The factory alignment marks should always be verified for accuracy, but they are generally OK, and the stock blocks are fine.

Thanks for the quick info

add another vote for the ORN6, hands down best chain for the money. And scrap the stock chain asap if you want to save your sprockets

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