2007 YZ450F Stator Cover Removal

Has anyone removed the stator cover on a YZ450? Looked over the schematics and cant tell if it will be real easy or a chance to mess something up.

Pull the shifter off and remove the cover. Nothing to it. If you don't want to disconnect the wiring from the min harness, then hang the cover on the bike with a wire or whatever so as not to stress the stator harness.

There is a dowel pin and an O-ring at the top that you might loose, and you may want to either drain the oil or lay the bike over a little.



Thanks I appreciate your help...

might lose,[/url]

?? Loose?

Do you mean lose?

if it seems funny removing it, its because the magnetic flywheel trying to hold things together so don't be alarmed and just pull er off

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