Stm slipper clutch Fitment question

Hey guys.

I have a 2008 WR 450.

Will this model STM fit on it?

See picture of Part # and description on Box label.

Any info would be awesome..

Edited by ILOAD2

The parts fiche says that the 2007 YZ450 clutch assembly is exactly the same EXCEPT-

Pressure Plate 1 is a different part number on the YZ450 than the 2008WR


The first 3 steel plates are the same on both bikes BUT-

The 2008 WR has 4 different steel plates that make up the rest of the pack?

EVERYTHING else is the same part #


Anyone have a suggestion on if/how the 2007 YZ450 labeled STM clutch would fit on the 2008 WR 450 by looking at the clutch assembly view?

Do I add all the the YZ steels instead of using those 4 different WR ones?

If I were you I'd buy a complete 07 YZ450 clutch pack (provided the STM uses a stock clutch pack).

I've got the Surflex installed on my YZ-F and it uses the stock pack.


Call the company (or email) and ask them would probably be the best.


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