YZ450F 04' Air Filter box Melted

Hey guys, my 04 model YZ450F AIR FILTER BOX has all of a sudden started to melt on exhaust and is now starting to smoke, think it may catch fire soon. Needless to say i wont be riding ths weekend until i get a new box.

Question is has this happened to any body else or does any body know why this may have happened. i have an after market fmf power bomb pipe on and is does get verry hot.

I've never heard of that but im sure it's happened to other people as well. Try using some heat reflective tape on your new airbox. Most hardware stores have it.

thanks not a bad idea

I wouldnt cheap out on the heat reflective tape. The good stuff feels like real aluminum foil that is sticky on one side. The crappy stuff basically looks/feels like shiney tape.

Is the exhaust or airbox bent out of place?

doesnt look like it. I havent dropped it and it just started to melt. i have taken the box out and it looks like it has been melting for awhile, but now it touching the exhaust. i have seen a few other posts of this model bike doing the same thing with after market pipes. cause they are a little fatter then normal i think this might have something to do with it. once i get new box i will definately try the tape a few other sites have suggested the same thing.

:thumbsup: keep us updated

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