2000 yz426f stuck in 1st

Hi all. Searched for this problem and didn't find much, so am asking here. I was riding today, everything working fine, got to the top of a long hill, shifted into neutral to wait for some guys, wouldn't shift into gear, stuck in neutral. Fiddled around with the shift lever and it went into first. Now it won't come out of first. I rode the rest of the day in first gear and could not get it to go into any other gear, including neutral. The lever moves up and down, though not as far as it did when it shifted properly. Any ideas?

Thanks much.

Something fouling the linkage internally. Open up the right side, remove the clutch and inspect it.

Took the clutch out...nothing wrong to be seen. Drained the oil through a mesh...no metal to be seen. Next step would be to take the right cover off. I know where that one would lead for me. A motorcycle in parts for 6 months. Took it to the mechanic. Getting lazy in my old age. Thanks Gray.

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