Changing coolant??

I feel really stupid right now. I poured the green crap in my bottle instead of the red crap, and now it all mixed. Needless to say, i need to change it. My question, where are the drains, and how do i do it? i have a manual on order but it wont be here for 2 weeks and i am going riding for a week starting next monday. Someone please help!!! didnt even think, just dumped the crap we were running in our banshee in my bike. thanks in advance, JR

Here is what the manual says:

Remove the Radiator cap, Drain the coolant from the system by removing the drain bolt and sealing washer (bottom right bolt, see pic if it works) on the water pump cover.


Reinstall the drain bolt with a new sealing washer. tighten the drain bolt to specified torque.

TORQUE: 9 ft/lbs (1.3 m/kg)

remove the reserve tank and drain

Fill the system with coolant.

Bleed air as follows:

1. Shift trans into neutral, Start engine and let idle 2-3 min.

2. Snap the throttle 3-4 times to bleed the air from the system.

3. Stop engine and add coolant up to the filler neck. Reinstall the cap.

Untill you get your manual you can download a PDF of a Euro XR650R manual that will work for most things of the US pigs. Its large, 147 mb, but it comes in handy. Here is the Link!

Hope this helped!


thanks man, thats everything i needed to know, so there isnt a separate drain bolt, it comes from water pump. Well thats tomorrow night's job, sounds simple enough, just gotta keep stupid people from dumping green antifreeze in my bike now. Does it say anything about capacity? i got 4l of premixed, if its more than that i think it graduates to car status. Thanks again, JR


What honda says the vol is;

1.52 liters (1.61 qt) for the rad's and engine, plus 0.20 liters (0.21 qt) for the reserve tank if you still got it.

But that's it! It's certainly simpler than I made it in the past! I always just undid hoses and fittings and got messy and it spilled everywhere but after using the manual its easy.

The bolt I was talking about is the bolt for the water pump but unlike the others that hold the pump case on it has a sealing washer so it acts as a drain/cover bolt. Honda says to replace the sealing washer when changing coolant, I guess because it may be a softer metal or pastic (don't remember) so it seals but you can use your own judgement on that. Here's just another view for what its worth.


Have fun


PS Do you think it matters me posting pics from this manual? I don't want to get barred from the list. I'm already halfway from getting this "Newbie" out from infront of my name! :) I'll take them off if I need to just let me know?

Man I sure wish I Could download a copy of that manual or atleast print it!

the dealer wants like 200 bucks for one here in Canada!


Man I sure wish I Could download a copy of that manual or at least print it

You can at or you can go through The Pig Pen and it's under "Reference."

Well thats pretty easy, piggy got a good thrashing today and the stuff in the bottle was orange not brown so i think i got most of the old stuff out. finally got my new rally pro handguards on and my 13 tooth front sprocket so i had lots of stuff needing breaking in today. ya i cancelled my manual on order, i was gonna get %^$&ed to the tune of $185 canadian for it, i have nothing against getting a copy off the net and spending 5 bucks on ink and a binder. Thanks again man.


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