Keep our Riding areas open!

The Bush administration is being pressured by green groups to support

Clinton's roadless program. Unless the 58 million acre roadless

initiative is suspended and modified, we are in danger of losing many of

our existing legal recreation roads and trails that have not gone

through any formal designation process.

President Bush needs to hear from millions of Americans who feel their

access rights to public lands have been or will be seriously impacted by

the Forest Service's Roadless Rule. Send a short personal note (email

and FAX) to President George Bush and Secretary of Agriculture Ann

Veneman asking them to suspend implementation of the roadless rule so

that it may be modified by planning efforts that will provide sufficient

information about the affected areas to allow all interests to provide

reasoned input based on actual facts.

E-mail AND Fax President George W. Bush

FAX: (202) 456-2461


E-mail AND Fax Secretary Ann Veneman

FAX: (202) 720-2166

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