2009 YZ450 suspension set-up

I'm looking for some tips on setting up the suspension on my new 2009 450. I'm 6'9" and 245 pounds. Looking to play on the trails and a little bit of time on the mx track. I know I'm looking at a set of springs, but what about revalving?

You select the spring rates for your weight.

You correct the valving for the type of riding you do and for your skill level.

Getting the spring rate correct is the single most important thing to do first on any suspension system. Once that's done, most riders are pretty happy with the stock YZ450 suspension. If you think you need more, you can revalve it later.

I agree with Gray but you need to decide who you want to do your revalve first and ask them about what springs you need. I initially was going to use FC to do my revalve but I was going to wait until after I got new springs. I called FC and they recommended what springs I needed, then I changed my mind and decided to use SPI for the revalve and Dave wants me to go up two sizes on the forks.

Thanks guys. I rode today at a local off road park and I do need springs at least. Just didn't know if I would run out of clicks before I got it right with just new springs. My arms took a beating.

I picked up a new '09 in March of 2010, I rode for a while and thought the stock suspension felt pretty good. I'm 210lbs and with my sag set at around 100/104mm my static sag was 12mm or so, as far as I can remember it should be around 23/25mm - with half of the suggested static sag it was time for new springs (as you already know).

I dealt with the guys at Diverse Suspension Products and they were great. I ended up going to a .50 fork springs (.47 stock) and a 5.8 shock spring (5.5 stock) - I ride MX only and in B/Int class. This is quite easily the best suspension I've had on any of my dirt bikes.

You won't run out of clicks if you've got the proper springs in your bike, like the other guys have said go with the springs first & then decide if you want to spend the $$ on a re-valve.

IMHO I would try setting up the stock suspension especially the sag first. I weigh 245 and after setting the sag and adjusting the stock suspension it made a world of difference on my 09 YZ. It actually turns now. I do plan to get mine worked on some time down the road but so far the spring weight is within spec according to the measurements from http://www.tootechracing.com/

Good luck and enjoy.

try changing the oil ammounts in the forks, too. 5cc's more or less can make a big differance. I feel that the recomened amout in the manual is too much, and that 330 is a good/better starting point. The forks are great, the best ive ridden.

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