Help, Please, anyone.

I was hoping that someone out there in thumperland might have a connection at the Yamaha corperation. Name, number, address, or whatever.

I need warranty work done and on a Canadian model bought in Oregon and all I get from my local dealerships in my area is the F#^*-you attitude. A Yamaha is a Yamaha the way I see it. I need someone to stand behind the product without travelling all the way back to Oregon.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanx Armpumped


I would think warranty work could be completed at any dealership.

Why are they giving you the attitude?? Maybe because you bought it from Canada and not the U.S.??

I would call Yamaha Motor Corperation here in So. Cal. and get an explaination as to why your local dealership won't help you out. I have heard (I do not personally know) that the bikes that come from Canada are slightly different from the ones bought in the U.S. but, I do not know what the differences are.

Good luck, yzernie


Thanks for your response.Yes I believe that any dealership would warranty any Yamaha. I've taken the bike to two different dealerships in my area and they both said ( Sorry Dude, we won't warranty a canadian model. O.K., Why ?. "Well they wouldn't give us a reason, They just said No".

Does this sound right,or is it just me ?.

They make it sound like a different company when you cross a border. I actually spoke to the shop where it was purchased in Oregon and they didn't give me any mumbo jumbo about a canadian model. They said they would take care of the problem, but you can see my dilema about taking considerable time and money to transport the bike back to Oregon to have the work done.

This is why I feel the need to talk to someone higher up the chain to get some real reasons why the local dealerships won't stand behind the Yamaha name that they're selling and servicing.

Anyway, I would appriciate it if you could forward me a phone # or even just tell me the city they are located in and I'll do the rest of the searching from there.

Thanks Again



I have a bike that came down from Canada that I made the final purchase on in California.

The warranty work, which I think is good for only 30 days after time of purchase, is managed via the local dealership.

Perhaps the dealership you are working with doesn't understand this.

In addition to this, the service and warranty policy is not clear within the different service boundries of Yamaha. If you have a Canadian bike, the charge should go back via Yamaha of Canada.

You may want to call Yamaha at 800-962-7826 and talk with them about your concern.

They'll punch up your VIN and tell you that you may have to call a Canadian number. Do as they say, then let the Canadian guys decide what you should do. They may send you back to Yamaha U.S.

I don't know what your issue is, but always be gentle and diplomatic with these folks. They deal with a lot of meatheads everyday and the last thing they need is someone calling them and expecting to be treated like a king.

It's a matter of asking the right questions and working your way through the system.

BTW, if you think you have a warranty issue, but you're outside of the 30 day time frame, you probably don't stand a chance unless it's a very common problem.

Best of luck.


Just a word of caution....

Bikes "originating" in Canada - transferred to the US - even purchased as new, MAY NOT carry the warranty. In other words the warranty is non-transferrable. So it may very well be that unless you received specific information regarding the warranty (when you took delivery in the U.S.), for a bike that Yamaha originally shipped to another country - you may be on your own.

I tried buying a "transferred bike" - but decided not to after I could not get a straight answer on the honoring of warranty.

Again, I am not certain as to the logistics being referenced, but it is something I discovered.


I understand that Canadian bikes only have a warranty in Canada (if at all). You might have to take the bike back to Canada for warranty work.

Come on now guys, your assumptions are getting a bit ahead of the facts.

There's not that much of a division between the Canadian and U.S. operations of Yamaha. It's an issue of accounting, which is why the dealers get confused on what to do. I had no problems dealing with my bike in California.

And don't forget that many of the hard to get bikes sold in the West Coast (YZ250, YZ426s, R1s) came from Canada. The dealers don't have to tell you otherwise, so don't be too surprised if you're out riding on one yourself.




I am in search of the real facts. Everyone I talk to at a dealership around my area is no help what so ever. This kind of treatment tends to make me curious.

I finally got through and spoke with someone at Yamaha who told me that even though my problem has been there since the begining and I was doing my best to deal with the problem on my own ( chasing the jetting ghost )that no dealer would warranty the problem now after the 30 days expired.

Regardless, I was still never given a complete reason why my local dealer would say " sorry we won't warranty a canadian bike ".

The bike was sold in the states and I just wanted to know why American Yamaha wouldn't stand behind their product even if it did originate in Canada. Maybe it's me, but I don't really think this should be a problem to a huge company like Yamaha.

It's more than apparent to me now that I'm out on my own to deal with this problem which will inevidebly be very costly between labor and the cost of electrical OEM Yamaha parts.

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