2002 WR 426 Crank Flywheel side thread size ??

I am an idiot and damaged the threads on the crank !

Any one know what size die I need to repair them ?

Flywheel nut ...

Do you have a micrometer and the thread pitch gauge? You should be able to figure it out from the readings.

I've got 01 426 and thread is 10 x 1mm as far as i can remember. diameter is 10mm for sure, not sure about step, may be 0.75. will check when I get home.

I had to run a die on mine too, cuz when removing flywheel, puller expanded end of cranckshaft a bit. *reminder for me* tinker with flywheel only with the nut threaded on crankshaft end. :thumbsup:

OK got home at last, the thread is 10mm x 1mm.

Thanks _Hitman47 .I ran a couple of tests and what I came up with was 10mm x 1.25 but not sure if that is correct now and still have not done the threads yet..Damaged mine the same way by pulling off the flywheel and yes next time I will leave the nut on !!

I had to use a thread file on mine today because the puller tool spread the end of the thread to nearly 11mm so i couldn't get the nut back on after the magneto failed.

10 mm thread 1mm pitch.

And be sure that that file starts to cut over existing threads and new threads won't be offset to original ones.

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