2009 WR 450 Axle bearings

Are the axle bearings on the 2009 WR 450 sealed?

Also anyone have a good way to get them out without speacial tools.

Or if speacial tools needed where is a good place to get em.


yes they're sealed

to get them out, a drift and a hammer from the opposite side is the way to do it

did mine last week with drift and hammer on the front i heated the hub up just a bit seemed to come out alot easier

If they are sealed is there any reason to take them out? Just throw some grease on the axel and that should be good right?

Sealed doesn't mean everlasting

The seals are rubber, and the lips wear allowing moisture in and the grease out

If they are fine, with no play then don't disturb them

If they worn then they need replacing

you should always apply grease to the axle - it stops the axle rusting to the bearings

Buy a set af ALLBALLS bearings they are sealed bearings and you have the seal on the hub for a doule protection !

I've used a big screw driver and a hammer to knock them out before.....

But you guys have peaked my interest...... whats a drift and where do i get one?

I use a brass punch "drift" also from opposite side. I only change bearings when wheel wobbles.

is this what you guys are referring too when you say "Drift"?


I've always just called them Punch tools

Yes. The larger the flat area at the point, the better, to keep it from slipping off. Brass is the best to keep from marking up parts like the hubs and such.

The bearings on the front wheel of my 07 are not sealed bearings, but you could put sealed ones in. I just had the back off but didn't pay attention to them.

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i always use a 1/2" brass dowel as a drift to remove bearings and races. Its better to dent the punch than the bearing or race.

When fitting a new bearing I prefer to only hit the outer race edge of the bearing, also use a socket to drift it in squarely. A press is an even better idea.

Excelent guys! Just what I needed to know I realy appreciate it. I took em apart and it looks like I have sealed in the back and the front ones are not. I'm glad I asked and didn't spend a lot of time trying to get the rears out.

Thanks again!

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